Where are upgrade benches in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
benches in Fortnite
All upgraded benches on the map

Benches in Fortnite

Today, I’ll tell you how it is that you can upgrade a weapon at a weapon upgrade bench. You might not even be aware that Fortnite Chapter 2 included upgrade benches because they were placed in secret locations. You can improve the rarity of a weapon by going to one of several distinct benches. These benches allow you to bring an existing weapon up to a higher level.

First of all, how to upgrade in Fortnite?

If you already have a green, it will transform into a blue. If you already have a blue, it will convert into a purple when you apply it. It is quite cool that you can actually obtain really good loot and set up really fantastic routes to gain fairly easy victories. This is a pretty awesome thing. Therefore, if you are not familiar with this technique, you are going to require a respectable number of mats before you can get started. Before you can do this, you will need anywhere from 125 to 300 of each mat, and the exact number will depend on how uncommon the item is.

There are approximately 15 or 16 unique weapon benches spread out across the map of Fortnite.

Each one can be found in a distinct area. To your good fortune, I am aware of the location of each and every one of them. You have the option of proceeding directly to Retail Row in order to acquire a rather simple upgrade for your weapon. These storage benches for weapons are tucked away a little bit. You could find them on the second floor of a building, or you could discover them tucked away in the corner of a room. You are in luck since you can locate a map that will show you the location of each and every weapon upgrading bench.

So, what is the weapon upgrade bench going to look like?

It took about 125 of each material to turn a green into a blue. In order to get this done, you can go to any weapon bench located around the map. In that case, maybe you are having trouble finding some of these benches in Fortnite, because they’re just scattered all around the place. You can find one at the compact cars location, which you already have to go to. So, while you are here, you can easily upgrade one of your weapons. It will be located inside of the garage. I hope this article helps you find all of the weapon bench locations in Fortnite. Be sure to leave a comment down below if it helped you out.


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