Where is Baby Groot in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
baby groot

Where is baby groot in Fortnite? This article will help you to complete the challenge, that requires players to find baby groot. This might prove to be a little challenging, but this guide will help you complete this challenge quickly. If you’re a Marvel fan, I guess you really like Fortnite.

Groot is everyone’s favorite member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

You will be able to use the young Groot sapling, in addition to Rocket Raccoon, as a combat buddy after you unlock him. Groot does not, alas, undergo any metamorphosis, which is a truly unfortunate development. I can’t think of anything that would be more awesome than watching roots develop from a young tree to a teenager and eventually an adult. That might be its own game in and of itself. Therefore, it is placed in the top spot on the battle pass at tier 32. The tasks associated with Groot’s awakening, which don’t become available until tier 47. To obtain Sapling Groot, you will first need to solve the challenge of rescuing him from the nursery in Holly Hedges. Only then will you be able to obtain him.

To find baby groot, you have to go to the nursery at Holly Hedges.

Given that it is a designated site, it should not present too much of a challenge. It is essential to keep a level head while you are visiting this location. This is due to the fact that there will be other players present in the vicinity. The majority of them will be seeking to fulfill a task for week one that requires them to get eliminated at Holly Hedges in order to progress. As soon as you get there, you should be able to find him in the area that is to the southwest. It is in close proximity to a modest open-air shopping district that is enclosed on all sides by a wall of hedges. You’ll discover Groot at the center of a triangle formed by three potted plants. Simply interacting with Groot after you have located him will result in his addition to your storage space.

There have been occurrences in which players have been required to attempt this procedure more than once. The gamers who have had this issue claim that it is due to the fact that Groot does not always spawn in matches. Therefore, there is a remote possibility that when you reach in Holly Hedges, you won’t run into Baby Groot. This is most likely the result of a problem, and it is currently unknown when Epic will patch it.


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