Where is Baby Groot in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
baby groot

Where is baby groot in Fortnite? This article will help you to complete the challenge, that requires players to find baby groot. This might prove to be a little challenging, but this guide will help you complete this challenge quickly. If you’re a Marvel fan, I guess you really like Fortnite.

Groot is everyone’s favorite member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

You can unlock the baby sapling groot along with rocket raccoon, as a battle companion. Unfortunately, groot doesn’t transform, which is just tragic. I can’t imagine anything cooler, than having roots grow from a sapling to a teenager and then an adult. That could be a game on its own. So, it comes first on the battle pass at tier 32 groot’s awakening challenges, don’t come up till tier 47. Before you can get sapling groot, you’ll need to solve the challenge of rescuing him from the nursery at Holly Hedges.

To find baby groot, you have to go to the nursery at Holly Hedges.

It shouldn’t be too difficult, because it is a named location. It is important to remain alert, while dropping into here. This is because other players will also be in the area. Most of whom will be attempting to complete a week one challenge, that requires them to get eliminations at Holly Hedges. Once you arrive there, you should find him in the southwest corner area. It is close to a small outdoor shopping area, that is surrounded by a wall of hedges. You will find groot, surrounded by three potted plants. Once you spot him, just interact with groot and he’ll be added to your locker.

There have been cases, where players have had to try this process repeatedly. The players, that have experienced this, say it’s because groot doesn’t spawn every match. So, there’s a small chance, that you’ll arrive at Holly Hedges and not meet baby groot. This is likely due to a bug and it is unclear when Epic will fix it.


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