Where is Beef Boss in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Beef Boss

Fortnite has added new Predator challenges with the latest update. Players should finish them to open the intergalactic tracker. Hunter isn’t accessible itself yet, yet you can get heaps of corrective treats meanwhile. One test will send you to three unique areas across the guide to converse with various NPCs. The test is to chat with Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy.

The difficulties were first made accessible on January 13. You can finish them currently yet should be cautious on the off chance that others are close by and could get a simple kill on you. Presently, where’s the meat? We will assist you with tracking down it! Or possibly the hamburger’s chief.

Meat Boss is an Epic Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale, that can be bought in the Item Shop for V-Bucks – 1,500 V-Bucks. He was first delivered in Season 5 and is important for the Durrr Burger Set.


Meat Boss can be tracked down north of Pleasant Park, remaining close to the Durr Burger Food Truck only southeast of Stealthy Stronghold. When found, players should simply address him. He might offer a mission to them. Nonetheless, taking and finishing that adjoining journey is at the circumspection of the player and not expected to get the Predator skin.

He ought to stand out a considerable amount with his cheeseburger head and enormous pink tongue. Meat Boss wears a half-blue work shirt with the right side designed in red and orange with white “sesame seed” polka dabs.

As usual, we ask players to practice alert while heading to occasion regions. These spots are many times slithering with different players meaning a higher opportunity for fights, hostility, and perhaps disposal before arriving at their goal. Try to have a fair weapon and get ready to safeguard yourself.

All difficulties related to opening the Predator skin are accessible at the hour of composing.


You’ll get the Plasma Caster Reticle emoji by finishing this test. The Predator is the secret skin that was prodded toward the start of this season. You’ll have to finish these difficulties and others to open every one of the corrective things, including killing the actual Predator. Developers added the test as a component of update 15.21.

Elsewhere in the world, it resembles the Terminator establishment that could be coming to Fortnite next. The game’s Twitter account is prodding something that unquestionably appears to allude to Sarah Connor coming to the game.

Players need to figure out where is Beef Boss in Fortnite to finish one of the mysterious Predator skin difficulties.

Awe-inspiring Games is taking its players to leap through loops to open the mysterious Predator skin in Fortnite this season. One of these difficulties incorporates plainly following and chasing down a couple of fan-most loved characters during matches on the guide. Players should find and address Dummy, Remedy, and Beef Boss to completely finish this test.


The Simpsons uncovered that Beef Boss had his own eatery in Greasy Grove, yet it had been covered in ice and supplanted with Polar Peak. In Neo Tilted, they built a more refined reproduction of the eatery, but it has been shut since the appearance of Tilted Town.


Season 7 presented Polar Peak, which supplanted Beef Boss’ unique café in Greasy Grove, which was encased in ice. In Neo Tilted, they developed a more refined imitation of the eatery, but it has been shut since the appearance of Tilted Town in 2008.

  • Hamburger Boss’ ID is CID_185_Athena_Commando_M_DurrburgerHero.
  • He is packaged with the Deep Fried Back Bling.
  • Like Tomatohead, Beef Boss depends on the plan of one of the game’s cafés (Durrr Burger’s) logos.
  • Meat Boss had his own eatery in Greasy Grove. However, it was canvassed in ice and supplanted with Polar Peak in Season 7. They fabricated a modernized form of the eatery in Neo Tilted, yet it’s been gone since the time Tilted Town showed up.
  • Hamburger Boss’ symbol was changed in Update v10.10.
  • The Beef Boss NPC utilized the Low ‘n Slow as its collecting instruments.


Whenever it is free in the Item Shop, you can buy Beef Boss using V-Bucks. By and large, this thing gets back to the thing store once like clockwork, and it is probably going to be accessible nearby on April 22, 2022.


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