Where is camp cod in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
camp cod in Fortnite

I want to tell you how to stop campfires over at camp cod in Fortnite. So, camp cod isn’t a location. People usually go to it, it’s honestly a really nice spot to drop, but it is not on the mini map. There’s no name for it on there, either way though. It’s a great spot to land for pretty much any game mode and here you need to go to stoke some campfires. So, there’s actually three different campfires at camp cod in Fortnite and i’ll tell you where you can find all three of them.

So, right behind misty meadows and behind mountain there’s a small little island. On this island, you’ll be able to complete this challenge. You will need to get a little bit of wood, before you go and find the campfires. Be sure to mine a couple of the trees down and make sure it’s safe before you go and do that.
The first location for the first campfire can be found pretty much in the dead center of the island. You’re gonna see a small little umbrella there. Usually, there’s a chest that spawns there as well. So, you can go and complete it here.

Also, there’s two other spots.

Maybe this one of them already been stoked or you want to try to land at a safer spot. After checking first campfire, you want to head over to the Warehouse building. The warehouse building is over on the east side. If you come over to this building, right next to fences, there’s actually another campfire.

So, you can complete the challenge at any of these three locations.

After second location, there’s a third campfire, that’s out on the dock. This one’s pretty hidden, so you could always go to this one. First, check it to make sure no one has used it yet, but you will need to find some wood first. Hopefully, it helps you out and you can check another guides.


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