Where is Marigold in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Marigold in Fortnite

Where is Marigold in Fortnite? In this article, I want to talk about the Marigold location. Also, I want to tell you about the skin or more specifically her bundle and her challenge pack. So, ussualy, She spawn in the Lazy Lake. You can find her at the southeast side of this location, in a white building. Also, you can see solar panels on this building. Just go up on the roof and you will find Marigold in Fortnite.

So, what about her her challenges.

Once, you buy this skin in the bundle, you will see the golden touch challenge pack. If you come to your quests on the main menu and then come to a little star special quest, you’ll see here complete uncommon or rare requests. This is going to be green, blue, purple or gold quests here. For example, you can complete threechallenges per day. You can just work on your blue quests and even though these will probably be a bit harder. It shouldn’t take you too long for example to get one smg elimination. I’d focus some more especially on the green ones.

If you just do that each day, that’ll already be 21 uncommon or rare challenges. then you’ll have another set of these weekly challenges come out. Finally, that’ll take it above 30 and you’ll get all them done fine. Even, if the different stages for the gold one don’t count.

Obviously, it’s not going to take you long to do those at all.

You have to go out of your way to do them, but it’s not going to take long. Use a zipline and consume three mushrooms. You can do that all in Weeping Woods. Anyway, i’d recommend focusing on the blue or rare quests. This would probably be the more difficult ones. If you have any more questions about these challenges or anything else in Fortnite, please comment down below.


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