Where is Raven in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Raven in Fortnite

Where is Raven in Fortnite? In this article I want to tell you where it is and how to complete all of Raven’s NPC quests inside of Fortnite. Naturally, the first thing we should do is report to Raven and agree to take on his mission. Within the Hydro 16 building was where you may find Raven. This is the large structure that looks like a waterfall, and this is the location of the building that we need to visit. The Raven in Fortnite is simply wandering around outside.

The first quest is destroy sideways rocks.

You must make your way to a large orange ball. It makes every game completely unpredictable. Therefore, it is possible that in one game it will be in Pleasant Park, while in the following game it will be in Retail Row. The beginning of our second quest can be found through a corruption vent located within the Sideways. You will need to enter the Sideways and utilize the orange pad once you are inside. After gliding for 15 seconds, the third objective requires you to destroy the cube monsters that are in the sideways. First, you have to find a gun, and once you do, you may make use of that orange item once more. Simply open the door to your glider, and start shooting some people.

The fourth quest for Raven is get headshots from above and this is against enemy players.

Your first order of business is to secure a position of superiority, and it goes without saying that you should also equip yourself with a weapon. If you want to do some damage, you should do this again in the Sideways because it’s not hard to get headshots in here. I recommend performing this in the Sideways.

The fifth quest requires you to use a harvesting tool to open a treasure and then destroy it. It is necessary to destroy either the floor or the placement that is there in order to successfully accomplish this mission. There is a chest located directly in that location. It is necessary for you to ruin the floor. In the event that it is a bed, you will need to demolish the bed in order to access another chest.

Also, the challenge is quite buggy as well.

For instance, I recently entered this little eatery and smashed a chest just next to the entrance, but for some reason, it did not contribute to the completion of the goal. It is possible that your chest won’t count if it ends up on the table. You simply have to test a variety of various chests using a variety of different components, such as shelves.


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