Where is Raven in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Raven in Fortnite

Where is Raven in Fortnite? In this article I want to tell you where it is and how to complete all of Raven npc quests inside of Fortnite. Of course, what we need to do is go to Raven first and accept his quest. Raven could be found at the hydro 16 building. This is the big waterfall thing and this is the building that we need to go to. Raven in Fortnite is just roaming outside.

The first quest is destroy sideways rocks.

You need to go to a big orange ball. It randomizes every single game. So, one game it could be in Retail Row and the next it can be Unpleasant Park. Our second quest is launched from a Corruption Vent inside the Sideways. You need to come inside the Sideways and use the orange pad. The third quest which is eliminate cube monsters in the Sideways, after 15 seconds of gliding. You need to find a gun and then of course you can use that orange thing again. Just open you glider and shoot some people.

The fourth quest for Raven is get headshots from above and this is against enemy players.

What you need to do is get the high ground and of course you need a weapon as well. In order to deal some damage, I recommend to do this in the Sideways again, because it’s pretty easy to get headshots in here.

The fifth quest which is destroyed chest with a harvesting tool. In order to complete this quest, you need to destroy the either floor or the placement there. There’s a chest right over there, you need to destroy the floor. If it’s a bed, of course destroy the bed and you will find another chest.

Also, the challenge is quite buggy as well.

For example, I just came in here in a little restaurant and i destroyed a chest right by here, but it didn’t count towards the challenge for some reason. If you get a chest on the table, it might not count. You just need to try a bunch of different chest on items, like shelves.


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