Where is Remedy in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Remedy in Fortnite

As you go through the Mysterious Pod challenges in Fortnite, you will come across the need to find remedy. You will have to do it to unlock the Predator Skin or buy exotics that you can use in combats.
Remedy was initially introduced in Fortnite as a rare skin. This skin was made available for the players who reach Level 40 within the Second Chapter of Fortnite. Upon introduction, Remedy was able to remain as a strong character within the universe. For example, Fortnite was able to offer quests, bounties, and allow players to proceed with purchasing exotics. Major skillsets of Remedy include healing and supporting. However, you should also keep in mind that Remedy has an alter ego. No matter what, continue to read and we will share more details on where you can find Remedy in Fortnite.

Where can you find Fortnite?

You will be able to discover Remedy in three main locations within the island. They include the Locke’s Lighthouse located in Homely Hills, the Hilltop House located next to the Pleasant Park, and the Craggy Cliffs.
When you are at the Craggy Cliffs, you will need to keep your eyes open and search for Remedy at the bottom right corner. Then you will notice Remedy, who lives in a building. You will also be able to see a dumpster resting to the south wall of this building. There is an ATM near the western side of the wall as well.

If you are a long-term player of Fortnite, you will usually find Remedy in the Hilltop House. In case if you don’t know where to find the Hilltop House, you will need to get to the top of one of the hills that you can see in the Northeast Direction of the Pleasant Park. You can get into the Hilltop House, and you will see Remedy waiting for players. Also, You can see the Locke’s Lighthouse in the north direction of Homely Hills. You can get inside the lighthouse, where you will see Remedy. However, this might not be true all times and you will also need to search the ground.

What should you do after finding Remedy?

You might not be able to find Remedy in the very first attempt. That’s because she can be in one of the three locations. Upon searching a single location thoroughly, you can proceed with the next location. At each location, you will need to carefully look for a dialogue bubble that appears through the walls. Then you will be able to end up with finding Remedy.
After you find Remedy, you will need to talk to her. You will also need to talk to Beef Boss and Dummy, so that you can complete the Predator Challenge. It will only be possible for you to win the spray after you complete the Predator Challenge. Hence, it is important to have a clear understanding on how to find Remedy in Fortnite. It might not be possible for you to discover all of them in a single game as well. You actually don’t need to locate all of them. You can simply talk to one of them and the spray will be made available to you.

Once you meet Remedy in Fortnite, you will be able to proceed with purchasing the Exotic Chug Cannon.

This is pretty much similar to the Bandage Bazooka. However, it will still fire Chug Splash for the purpose of healing, instead of firing bandages. You will be able to do this on your own. All you have to do is to launch the cannon against a wall or to the floor.


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