Where is Tarana in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Tarana in Fortnite

In this article, I want to tell where is Tarana in Fortnite. You need Tarana location for the spire quest. If you’ve completed five or more challenges you would unlock the new quest. You need to come to Boney Burbs, where Tarana spawns and actually talk to her.

It’s right next to Holly Hedges.

Sometimes, she’s supposed just wandering around. She’s usually in a house, but in some games she’s not there. Once, you drop here, you gotta press E and then the spire and continue. Once, you accept it, you actually have talked to Piranha and you have completed the challenge. You can emote, you can high five and stuff.

So, what about Tarana artifacts?

For the first one, you have to go and collect some artifacts. This is a super easy challenge to do, but there will be a lot of people landing at this location. Both of these artifacts will be found in Boney Burbs. I do believe, you want to go into a solos match to do. This it’d probably be easier to do it. It is actually on the right side of this town. It should be easy to pick up the artifacts, just as long as you get a weapon. What you will need to do first is talk to the npc or Tarana in Fortnite. This character will first hand you the challenge and then you should be able to go and pick up the artifact.

Also, there’s two very easy locations, which you can head to for the two more artifacts.

First one is a broken building, that looks like it’s like half of the gas station. You want to look right behind a birch tree. The other artifact is also involving Burbs. After you grabbed this artifact, just run around the corner. The building, that you want to go to is right in the center. You will see a little brick here at the bottom, all you have to do is just break in here. So, right behind the little cubby, you will find the artifact as well.


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