Where is Tarana in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Tarana in Fortnite

In this article, I want to tell you where Tarana is in Fortnite. For the spire quest, you will need to know where Tarana in Fortnite is located. You will be able to start the new quest if you have accomplished at least five of the challenges. In order to speak with Tarana, you will need to travel to Boney Burbs, which is the location where she spawns.

It’s right next to Holly Hedges.

Sometimes, her role only requires her to be aimlessly roaming around. She is frequently found in a house, yet there are games in which she is not present. Once you have reached this location, you will need to press E, followed by the spire, to continue. When you do so, you actually have a conversation with Piranha, which marks the successful completion of the challenge. You are able to express emotions, give high fives, and do other fun things.

So, what about Tarana artifacts?

For the first one, you have to go and collect some artifacts. This is a super easy challenge to do, but there will be a lot of people landing at this location. Both of these artifacts will be found in the Boney Burbs. I do believe you want to go into a solo match to do that. It’d probably be easier to do this. It is actually on the right side of this town. It should be easy to pick up the artifacts, just as long as you get a weapon. What you will need to do first is talk to the NPC, or Tarana in Fortnite. This character will first hand you the challenge, and then you should be able to go and pick up the artifact.

Also, there’s two very easy locations, which you can head to for the two more artifacts.

The first one is a wrecked structure that appears to be one side of a gas station. You should take a gander directly behind a birch tree. The other relic is connected in some way to the suburbs as well. Once you have this relic in your possession, simply turn left and run around the corner. The location of the building that you need to see is smack dab in the middle of everything. At the very bottom, there is a single brick that may be seen. To enter this building, all you have to do is force your way in. You can locate the relic by looking directly behind the small cubby that is located here.


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