Where is the body scanner in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
body scanner in Fortnite

Where is the body scanner in Fortnite? For one of the legendary quest you need to step onto a body scanner. It’s a legendary challenge from Rick Sanchez. You can find these scanners at the Satellite stations. In every base you can find them in the small buildings on the side of the location. You can find one of the station one the west of Believer Beach, near Fort Crumpet.

it’s a really easy, because at every of these satellite stations you can find one body scanner.

I found one here, at the coast, but you can do the challenge at every other satellite station on the map. Just choose one you prefer. I prefer this one, because it’s on the coast. Nobody and else lands here, so you have time to do the challenge. It’s the easiest way. One more location is almost at the bottom of the map in mountains. Another satellite station is near the Stealthy Stronghold. So, everything where you can see a satellite, that glow with red.

So, this is exactly the location on the left side of Believer Beach.

When we go there, at the end we can see a little office room or a house. I don’t know how to call this cube little building. Every satellite station has one at the entry. Just go inside this little house and then on the left side you can see a little thing. That is a body scanner in Fortnite. Just go there step onto it and then the challenge is done. After you interact with it and complete the quest and recieve 30000 xp.

You can find there some enemies and some friendlies. Of course you have to kill some other guys, but that’s usual there. If this article did help you out to find Joey in Fortnite, please be sure to leave a comment down below.


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