Where is the downed black helicopter in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
black helicopter in Fortnite

I want to tell where is the downed black helicopter in Fortnite you how to investigate a downed helicopter. i’m also want to show the location on the map, but obviously this is a little bit of a trickier location, but we found it. So, you can find a downed helicopter it near the hige spire. What you want to do is just go to north of the spire. If you get down in a little hole, you can see the helicopter.

I have like a picture above, showing like the exact location of the black helicopter in Fortnite . You can find it between Misty Meadows and Weeping Woods. At the end of the lake, you’ve got the two little buildings there and just go ever so slightly northeast. next to this buildings, you can find a chopper on a ground. It got destroy, because of the impact and you will see a grey rock right at the end. Interact with the helicopter to complete the quest. Just, press E and it will be done. There’s a mysterious logo, which i think is supposed to be unknown to us, but i’m pretty sure this is related toto some extent.

If you need another precursor, you can see the helicopter near a little house. You will see like stripe of orange over here, orange grass and then over there a slurpee. You can kind of lose the helicopter, because it’s very well hidden. So, make sure to just keep that in mind, it’s a hard location to find. Anyways, you will see the spire near a dwoned helicopter. You need to go exactly north and to the left of lazy lake and you can see right over here the down helicopter. This is where to the downed black helicopter. So, that’s all, please do me a favor, leave a comment down below!


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