Where is the downed black helicopter in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
black helicopter in Fortnite

I want to tell you where to find the downed black helicopter in Fortnite and how to investigate a downed helicopter. I also want to put the location on the map, although it is evident that this is a site that is a little bit more difficult to find, but we did. As a result, there is a crashed helicopter in the area close to the tall spire. Simply head in the direction that is north of the spire to complete this task. It is possible to view the helicopter if you get down into a small hole and look up.

The screenshoot that is located above demonstrates where the black helicopter may be found in the game of Fortnite.

It is located in the region in between Weeping Woods and Misty Meadows. When you get to the end of the lake, you’ll see two little buildings on the right; from there, just head ever-so-slightly northeast. A helicopter that has crashed to the ground next to these buildings can be found here. It was demolished as a result of the impact, and you will notice a gray rock at the very end of the passage. To finish the task, you will need to interact with the helicopter. Simply press the E button, and it will be completed. There is a mysterious logo, which I believe is meant to be kept a secret from us, but I’m very certain that this is connected to it in some way or another.

In the event that you require one more antecedent, you can find the helicopter next to a modest dwelling.

You will see an orange stripe over there, some orange grass over there, and then you will see a slurpee over there. All of these things are located over there. It is rather simple to overlook the helicopter because of the extraordinary degree of discretion with which it is hidden. Therefore, ensure that you merely keep this fact in mind.

It is not easy to find this location. In any case, the spire can be found in the vicinity of a crashed helicopter. You will need to travel exactly north and to the left of Lazy Lake, and the downed helicopter will be seen just above you at that location. This is the location of the crashed helicopter that was black in color. That brings us to the end. I would really appreciate it if you could kindly leave a comment for me down below!


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