Where is the Ferrari in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Ferrari in Fortnite

Where is the Ferrari in Fortnite? In this article, I want to reveal where you can find those Ferraris. The first one is in this gas station. It’s right beside Sweeping Woods. So, that’s the first Ferrari you can find. Once again, it’s located between Slurpee Swamp and Weeping Woods. The next area, where you can find Ferraris is at Lazy Lake.

So, there many locations to find the Ferrari in Fortnite.

For example, I found my first Ferrari at Misty Meadows. That’s right, misty meadows has one Ferrari. One more is located exactly at the dam basically. You can see it right in between Misty Meadows and Slurpee Swamp.

How to complete the challenge to complete the Ferrari time trials? First one, you need to fill up the fuel. Mabe at the gas station at Lazy Lake. You can find four different spawn locations for the Ferrari. Here you can find the Ferrari at the little car park or on the rock at the front of the main building. One can spawn right in the garage spot.

Once you get your Ferrari, you want to come over to a blue arrow.

Then, just follow under all of them. So, don’t miss a one, you just got to go through them in order. Then you get extra time and then you just follow the path. Also, you can boost to go faster as well. However that will use a lot of your fuel. Obviously, don’t use your turbo, until you waste all your gas. It’s not a good thing.

How to get the Ferrari 296 gtb car in your Fortnite Creative Island? The first off, make your way into the main lobby and change the game mode to creative. Once, you’re actually in creative, you just want to go ahead and make your way to your own island. After that, just whip out your phone and and press on inventory. Go on to devices and right here should actually be the Ferrari car.


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