Where is the friendship monument in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
friendship monument in Fortnite

Where is the friendship monument in Fortnite? I want to tell you about the groot awakening challenges. This is how to find the friendship monument and fully unlock the Rocket raccoon emote for Groot. The groot’s awakening challenges is about to unlock rocket as a little pet. He will fly around with you. Basically, he’s hovering around, but I don’t think he actually shoots his blaster. The first Groot awakening challenge, you do have to use the Groot skin. I’m pretty sure about this. Make sure, you have that on then hop into something like Team Rumble.

Basically, you know that Groot and Rocket are best friends.

So, this challenge says that we need to emo a Groot at a friendship monument in Fortnite. This is really cool and really sweet. If you go a little bit northwest of Sweaty Sands, you will find a monument, which is both the haystack man and also the pipe man. They doing a little high five.

Well, for some reason they’ve managed to get themselves right the way up into the top left area. Essentially, you can find it right over here. I’m pretty sure the marker is right about the Sweaty Sands. You want to go north west of there, near the sort of like the ruined castle. It’s basically on the right-hand side of a3 and you should be able to see down here.

Also, the friendship monument is really close to the heart-shaped island and you want to go over here.

I believe, it is in set of trees right there. All you want to do is go right next to them and then use pretty much any emote. I think should work and that will complete the challenge. Once, you’ve done all of that that will complete the groot awakening challenges. If this article did help you out, please be sure to leave a comment down below.


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