Where Is the Giant Throne in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Giant Throne in Fortnite

Where Is the Giant Throne in Fortnite? Fortnite has experienced its most thematic season yet, with its partnership with Marvel Comics. Several Earth’s mightiest heroes and villains are available for players to unlock this season. Many Marvel characters are also available that you can choose from, including Thor, Iron Man, Doctor Doom, and many more. There are challenges attached to characters like Doctor Doom when the player is rocking their skin.

One of the challenges requires players to dress as Doctor Doom himself and locate Doom’s throne on the map. The giant throne you find in the game is another interesting addition to Season 4. In cases where you don’t know where you are going, finding it might be difficult, and it blends in so well with the surrounding area that you might miss it. In this post, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Why is the Giant Throne Necessary?

As part of the season, we have the Doctor Doom Awakening Challenge. You need to dress up as Dr Doom and go to the location to complete this challenge.
It will automatically complete the challenge for you if you stand near the throne. There will only be one more task for you to accomplish: getting a Victory Royale and an emote while you win.

Location of Giant Throne

To complete the awakening challenge, the players have to land on the giant throne while playing as Dr. Doom. Since the emote ‘Victory Von Doom’ features Dr. Doom sitting on a throne himself, completing this challenge is critical. It cannot be easy to find this throne because it is made of rocks and trees. Fortnite Island just recently added this to the game. In Fortnite island, go to Retail Row to find the giant throne.

To get to Retail Row, the group will need to climb a snow-covered mountain. The snow-covered mountain holds a giant throne; the players try to find it. Players can glide from the battle bus directly to the throne or walk up the hill to finish this task. A player will first need to complete the first awakening challenge before completing the skin’s challenge.
It is the second quest, and it goes along the lines of visiting a giant throne as Dr. Doom. Look towards the mountains at Retail Row in H6, and you should be able to find it there.
This throne is not traditional but rather a clump of rocks surrounding a group of pine trees to form the shape of a throne. From Retail Row, head up the mountain to the southeast, and you’ll see the mountain. You will complete the challenge once you arrive.

Other Challenges of Dr. Doom in Fortnite

As of now, you can participate in the awakening challenges of Dr. Doom. The ‘Victory Von Doom’ emoticon will become available upon completing these challenges. As Dr. Doom sits on his throne, celebrating his victory, this emotes the ultimate tease. For the awakening challenges to occur, they will have to play as Dr. Doom; otherwise, they will not complete the mission. To awaken Dr. Doom and unlock the ‘Victory Von Doom’ emote, the player needs to complete a few challenges. You will need to use the Dr. Doom statute to allow you to emote.

Besides, you will also have to visit the giant Thorne when playing Fortnite and use Dr. Doom’s victory royale move. You can find the giant throne on the island of Fortnite. The group will climb a mountain covered in snow to reach Retail Row. The giant throne that most players desire rests atop this snow-covered mountain.


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