Where is the Mandalorian in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Mandalorian in Fortnite

Where is the mandalorian in Fortnite? I want to reveal the brand new location for where the mandalorian boss is spawning in the world. For those who don’t know, he has moved to two different locations. Up to this point, he first started spawning at the Razor Crest, as you all know. Then he moved over to by the Colosseum.

However, there is a third location where the Mandalorian gets spawned.

This is the brand new location for the Mandalorian right outside of Pleasant Park. It’s his location, because he has like the traditional. He’s cooking the flopper on like the different style fireplace. He has his little equipment here, his house is here, which has a chest inside of it. So, he can be not here, but he can spawn here.

Mandalorian can walks to each location or just simply starts it want to kind of like loops around that area.

He kind of just makes laps around the desert area. i’m not entirely sure, what their goal is for him at the end, because this season is going all the way until march. It seems like, they’re going to be rotating him around. I’m not sure, if he’s going to be setting up an actual full base or if he’s just going to keep making these campsites. I think it’s cool nonetheless, because you don’t really know where he’s going to appear at the more locations they add. After they have the second location, it was pretty much confirmed he could still spawn back at the Razor Crest and i’m assuming the same applies.

He’ll probably end up towards Salty or over by Hunter’s Cloak.

Maybe, Mandalorian in Fortnite down over at like the Gas Station. It’s kind of weird where he spawn, beacause there’s not been any sort of like rhyme or reason to it he just can appear in the desert randomly. So, he has three spawn points and he can appear at any of the three.


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