Where is the orchard in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
orchard in Fortnite

I want to tell you where is the orchard in Fortnite and how to complete this challenge. Usually, challenge just not necessary to explain, but for this one I wanted to help you out. I want to show you the exact location and exactly how it is that you’re gonna get this challenge done.

So, I’ll tell you the exact location of the orchard in Fortnite.

The first one, you need to go and consume foraged apples at the orchard. This is a super easy challenge to complete, but if you don’t know where the orchard is located, you won’t be able to get this one done. So, for those of you who don’t know, the orchard is located right around Frenzy farm. It can be found┬ájust north of Corny Crops. It’s not a named location, but it is a landmark, that you can go to. In that location, there’s tons and tons of apples. That’s fun and you need to actually eat them to gain health.

You need to try to land on the rooftop. The reason is the challenge does say to gain health and you can only gain health from these apples as well. You will need to take a little bit of damage it ability or self a little ramp jump off the roof. You need to make sure, that you can actually eat some apples, while you’re here.

If you wander around, you’ll notice, that this area has a ton of apples.

There’s more apples in this aream than probably any other place in the map! This is actually a really great place to heal up. If you’re not doing your challenge, maybe you just need to stop here. You can get some health really quick, while rotating. This is super easy challenge, all you need to do is eat the apples, which are in field on the Frenzy farm and you will be done.


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