Where is Venom in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Venom in Fortnite

Where is Venom in Fortnite? In this article, I want to tell you how to get the new mythic Carnage and Venom symbiote. After the formation of the initial storm circle, they immediately go upward. You will notice canisters, which will begin to appear here and there over the map.

First, load into any match and wait for the battle bus to launch after it took off.

Get off the battle bus sometime close to the middle of the match and watch the action. As soon as you have established that you have safely exited the aircraft, you should initiate the launch of your glider. Once it is complete, you will need to glide for around one minute while you wait. Once players get access to the first explorable zone, the locations of the legendary weapons will become more apparent on the map.

Take out your map, and while you’re waiting for the legendary weapons to become accessible after the first zone is discovered, exercise some patience in the meanwhile. As soon as you have found them, you need to make a note of the one that is situated in the closest proximity to where you are now, and then you can begin your descent.

Most of the time, they can be found relatively close to each other.

After you have successfully reached the mythic weapon, you will need to interact with the canister in order to receive the mythic weapon. You will receive the Carnage symbiote if you open the red container. In Fortnite, the Venom weapon may be obtained by opening the black canister. However, the powers and capabilities of both of these epic weapons are exactly the same. You can capture people from a far distance with these abilities, pulling them towards you while causing 60 damage to them in the process. Because there is a cooldown on this ability, you can use it once every ten seconds. You will be able to run significantly quicker when carrying this item.

Also, you will even have glitter redeployment. Even when switching to different weapons, this item is just very good. You cannot equip both mythic weapons at the exact same time. When you pick one up, the another one in your inventory will drop on the ground. Also, this mythic weapon plus a rican scanner is the perfect combination.


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