Where the Earth meets the sky in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Where the Earth meets the sky

Where the Earth meets the sky Fortnite? In this article, I want to tell you where to find it and how you can complete the challenge. So, you have to find beskar steel in a very high place above sea level. You can fin it on the top of the highest mountain. Just go over to this mountain and collect a piece of steel. This unlocks you for the mandalorian. You can just want to land up here and then right next to this henchman chest, you can see there there is our piece of beskar steel.

There’s another challenge to find beskar steel deep in the Belly of the Shark.

I want to tell you the exact location. Basically, the location you want to head to is the shark island. It is at the top left of the map. Once, you are at this location, you want to go towards the center of it. Then, find where the vault used to be. Also, you can make it in team rumble, to make it super simple.

So, go up to the vault, go inside of it and the Where the Earth meets the sky will be right on a shell. After thay, hold the x button or square button, whatever you’re playing on, to collect it. That’ll complete the challenge super easily.

Any of them unlock you an extra bit of an edit style for the mandalorian. They’re all small things like a knee pad or a shoulder pad or a chest plate. It unlock something along those lines. They’ve got like an arm something in his arm, around his wrist or something that’s what you got for that. If you have any more questions about this challenge, comment down below.


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