Where to find pyroxeres in EVE Online?

by Dealon Brounx
Where to find pyroxeres in EVE

In this article, I want to talk about where to find pyroxeres in EVE Online. Also, I want to talk about the types of ore that you won’t find mining in highspeed. More accurately, you won’t commonly find in high tech, because anomalies in high tech systems containing rare asteroids can occasionally be found. But these anomalies spawn at random, so you won’t be able to rely on them appearing in your high-tech system at all times. So if you really want to mine rare ore, you have to go into low sec and null sec.

Alternatively, you can find just about everything you want in a wormhole.

But before we get into all that, for those of you who are just starting out mining, you have to be aware that not all high-tech ores are created equal. That is to say, depending on where you are in Empire space, you will have access to different types of asteroids.

For example, plagioclase is very widespread just about everywhere in Galente in the Motor Space. But if you’re in Caldari territory, you have to go to zero seven system all lower to find it. And if you’re in the Amara Empire, there is no plagioclase to be found anywhere. Omber is found only in Gallente Minmatar space, in systems with a security status of zero seven or lower, and pyroxeres is found only in Mar and Caldari space.

The most interesting high-tech ore, in my opinion, is Kernite.

Even though I call it high-tech, it’s only found in high sec in the Marspace. Kernite tends to be in high demand, but it depends on the current market price, especially the price of the minerals that it refines into, particularly Mexican and oxygen. But since it’s available in a more high set, there’s really no need for you to go to a low sec to mine it.

Unlike these next types of ore, which are only found in low SEC, hedbergite, jaspet are found in different quadrants of the map. hedbergite and jaspet are found in Amar and Gallente territory, but for hedbergite you have to go to Caldari. Compared to Kernite, these ore types take up twice as much space in the cargo hold, but the low sec ore can be refined into a wider array of minerals, with hemorrhyte offering the most variety.

Also, these types of low sec asteroids are an excellent source of noxium minerals. If you’re up for this, my advice is to use a mining frigate and moving on to NASA core.


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