Where to find raptors in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Raptors in Fortnite

Raptors in Fortnite

How you can quickly complete one of this week’s challenges to hunt raptors? So, you’re only gonna have to defeat two of the raptors, but i’ll tell you a few of the different spawn locations. Also, I’ll tell you, how you can easily get this one done.

So, it is pretty random, how these raptors are gonna spawn. Just before we get into the challenges, I’ll tell you all the different spawn locations, but the raptors may not be there. There’s only like a 30% chance, that they’d be there. It could either easily be one of the wolves or one of the chickens, that spawn instead, but there are about 10 different locations. So, i’ll tell you a bunch of different spots, you guys can check.

Spawn in bony burps

Raptors can spawn in bony burps. We have another raptor spawn location in weeping woods down. We have one more in weeping woods. We have three in the middle of the map, so this is also pretty good region to find animals. So, we have one raptor at the mountain, we have one raptor spawn at retail. Also, you can find one at caddy corner and we have only one at misty meadows. This is the other good spot, which i recommend. So, when you’re in a team, you should make sure, that you start taming at the same time, because this way you can take multiple raptors. Also, when you’re alone, you can tame multiple raptors, but it’s much harder. If you probably have experience with taming wolves and other animals and Fortnite, then you have seen how it works.
If you aren’t able to find them in these locations, just go to any of the locations, that have a giant forest on the map. This is how you do the challenge, actually, this is how to find them, where to find raptors to spam locations


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