Where to find raptors in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Raptors in Fortnite

Raptors in Fortnite

How can you quickly complete one of this week’s challenges to hunt raptors? You’ll only have to take down two of the raptors, but I’ll go over a few of the different areas where they can spawn in case you get stuck. I will also explain how simple it will be for you to complete this task.

So, it is pretty random how these raptors are going to spawn. Just before we get into the challenges, I’ll tell you all the different spawn locations, but the raptors may not be there. It’s just like a 30 percent chance that they’ll be there, so don’t hold your breath. It is possible that it will be one of the chickens or one of the wolves that spawn instead, but there are approximately ten distinct spots to choose from. So, let me provide you with a list of various locations that you could look into.

Spawn in Boney Burps

It is possible for Raptors to spawn in Boney Burps. In the Weeping Woods, there is a second location where raptors can hatch their eggs. The Weeping trees still have one more for us to find. Because there are three of them in the middle of the map, this is another area that has a decent chance of yielding animals. Therefore, there is one raptor atop the mountain, and there is one raptor spawn in the store. In addition to that, there is one over in Caddy’s Corner, whereas at Misty Meadows there is only one. This is the second great location, which comes highly recommended from me.

It is important to remember that when you are part of a group that you should all begin taming at the same moment in order to maximize your chances of capturing many raptors. When you are by alone, it is possible to tame many raptors, but the process is considerably more difficult. If you’ve ever attempted to tame wolves or any of the other wild species in Fortnite, then you already have a general concept of how the process is supposed to go. If you are unable to find them in these areas, you should travel to one of the areas that features a large forest on the map. This is how the task should be completed. In point of fact, this is how you locate them. Where to look for raptors in the spam sites.


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