Where to find Recon Scanner in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Where to find Recon Scanner in Fortnite

How you can mark an enemy with a scanner before damaging them? So there’s a few challenges to get this Recon Scanner, just go around the map and search for it. It’s really not too crazy hard to find. You’ll either find it on the ground or in chess, so what does it look like? This article will explain where to find Recon Scanner in Fortnite.

How good is Recon Scanner?

Once you have the Recon scanner, what you want to do is try to find some enemies and what you’ll do is fire the scanner at them. At that point, you’ll see a red marker above their head and it’ll show you where they are through the walls. So you can do this anywhere on the map. It doesn’t matter where they are and it’s pretty easy to tag them with the Recon Scanner.

Once you have them tagged with the Recon Scanner, you can go ahead and damage them. I do suggest trying to use a railgun. Maybe try to get some of those challenges done at the same time. But it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is simply find this Recon launcher, shoot it out at the enemies, and then simply do damage to them after you fire it at them. Like I said, the Recon scanner will be found anywhere on the map. The only problem is that you cannot use it on the IO forces. You can on of the Rail Gun Recon Quests or you can use it on real players.

The Railgun Recon challenges

Deal 500 to 10000 damage to opponents with the railgun.

For the final level, if you hit someone in the body, you will deal roughly 90 damage, and a headshot will deal 180 damage to your opponent, thus you will need a lot of hits to finish the final stage. The railgun can damage opponents through a single build or a low-hp object.

Use the Recon Scanner to mark opposing players.

The Recon Scanner shoots a ball with a scanning effect in the area around it, and I’m guessing it will take some time before it regenerates another shot, but it will mark your opponents red for a certain amount of time. You must do this 5 times for the first stage, 25 times for the second stage, and 100 times for the final stage.

Get a headshot with the railgun.

Especially when combined with the Recon Scanner, which allows you to see exactly where your opponent is. This challenge should also work on io guards or bosses, so if you can’t get it done on normal opponents, head to command cavern, the fortress, or the collider, where you only need one headshot to complete the challenge.

Deal damage from 50 meters or more with the railgun.

It’s the same tale as the prior challenge, which I believe you may still complete on these io guards. Place some markers on the ground to ensure that you are more than 50 meters away from the task and begin dealing damage. Deal a total of 500 damage to finish the challenge.

For the last challenge, you must deal damage to opponents within 30 seconds of scanning them

So you will need a Recon Scanner. The damage you must deal with in those 30 seconds does not have to be with the railgun or the Recon Scanner; you can use any weapon you want. Now that I think about it, maybe you can scan people with those computers in command cavern or the collider because it will have the same effect as the Recon scanner. The next few challenges are backup challenges; if the other changes are broken, they will be replaced with one of these, so you must hit an opponent with a Recon Scanner grenade or collect a Recon gun and a Railgun in the same match. Keep in mind that these are league quests, and they may change slightly once they are released.


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