Where to find the Ancestral Infant’s Head in Elden Ring?

by Dealon Brounx
Ancestral Infant's Head

The Ancestral Infant’s Head scales with your intelligence. If you really put everything you have into making it stronger, you can make this thing kill bosses all by itself, which it clearly wasn’t meant to do. Well, its cap is somewhat limited as well.

The Ancestral Infant’s Head can kill bosses.

This does not work particularly well in PVP. It has a reasonably long wind-up, no bonus poise while using it, and the actual ticks of damage against people are way too low. If they choose to stand in to be hurt by it, obviously this item isn’t meant to be used as a main weapon. It is meant to be used as a tool. So, if you use it as a tool to bolster your already intelligence-based build, then you will see great results. You’ll be able to mix it in a way to keep people away from you as you fire off ranged spells.

The Ancestral Infant’s Head and using nothing but this item is a source of damage. What you should take away from this is how exactly to put this into your already functional intelligence build. First, the item itself has an intelligent scaling, not as in one single intelligence scaling but a rank scaling and 

If you want this item, you need to head to Nokron, the Eternal City. 

Instead, you have to focus purely on overall player damage buffs and specifically magic damage buffs as well. It’s worth mentioning that you can somewhat stack the cast of this item on top of each other to increase the damage. It is less effective than you may hope and you’re generally better off just trying to keep one round of it up and keeping your enemy inside of it as much as possible.

The Ancestral Infant’s Head outputs a strange mist

It turns into little puddles of repeatedly ticking damage on the floor.

How can you optimize the Ancestral Infants Head?

The shining horned headband increases the damage of this specific item and nothing else by 20, allowing this to even be possible to be capable of doing what it does. You have to kill Ancestral Follower Shamans who wear headbands in the Ancestral Woods. Also, you can take advantage of things like the Jellyfish Shield. It boosts your overall player damage by twenty percent for thirty seconds. This item can be found in The Four Belfrieson, on the west side of the Liurnia region. Then, the magic scorpion charm talisman. It boosts your magic damage by twelve and a half percent in exchange for a loss in damage negation.

The Ancestral Infant’s Head itself scales with intelligence. So aiming for 80 of that to begin is ideal, but anywhere above 40 is manageable. 14 strength lets you wield the Jellyfish Shield in two hands to apply the buff. Finally, you want enough endurance to be at least at medium equip load with all of this stuff and your armor of choice on. Then, any remaining points can go into play to increase the number of times that you can use the item.

This is a mostly functional way to use an item that was never intended to be your main damage source. As with any main damage source, it has its limits. Of course, it won’t be beating the hardest things in the game by any means, but the fact that you can push this singular magic item means that if you want to use this item, it should be as a secondary part of your build. If you want to be effective as a close range zoning tool to pair with your longer range options that you will naturally have inbuilt to an intelligence build.


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