Where to find wolverine in Fortnite

by Dealon Brounx
wolverine in Fortnite

Wolverine in Fortnite

All right guys, For finding Wolverine in Fortnite I’m going to tell you how to find Wolverine every single time, super easily! So with that being said, let’s get into it. As you can see on the map, you actually want to go over towards misty meadows first and grab a helicopter. This will be super helpful for finding Wolverine. Actually, before you do that though, head to the house and grab some loot. Also, I’m just in a battle lab to show you how to do this, but you’re going to want to do it in like solo. After that, you then want to head over to weeping woods, but before you get over there you want to go into your settings. All the way over to the audio settings and then find visual sound effects and turn that on. That’ll actually allow you to see, where Wolverine is when you’re flying above him. Also, Wolverine can spawn around a slurpy swamp or around weeping woods, like in this general direction. So, we’re just going to start over here at the right of the swamp, so far I don’t see him. Then just follow that same line that you can see on the map and you will see his footsteps.

Eliminate Yourself

Now to eliminate him, without having to worry about getting eliminated yourself. Just set the helicopter right next to him and run back towards the tail of the helicopter. This should probably work! It might be a problem, that we’re on a hill so let’s actually move it over a little bit. You’ll be fine! After that, sit back by the tail and then get him to come on over. So, let’s just reset it, and as you can see he is stuck on the helicopter. As long as he doesn’t move, it we should be all right! We can just keep firing at him and there we go we fully eliminated wolverine and got his wolverine claws, so there you go guys that is how to defeat wolverine super easily.


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