Where to find wolverine in Fortnite

by Dealon Brounx
wolverine in Fortnite

Wolverine in Fortnite

In this article, I want to tell you how to find Wolverine in Fortnite every single time, super easily! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive into the discussion. In all honesty, you should get a helicopter first by heading toward the Misty Meadows and making your way there. Finding Wolverine will be much easier as a result of this information. In point of fact, though, before you go ahead and accomplish that, you should go to the house and collect some stuff. In addition, I’m only showing you how to do this in a battle lab right now, but you’re going to want to practice it on your own by yourself.

Following that, you will want to travel to Weeping Woods.

Before you do so, you will want to go into your settings first. Please navigate all the way to the audio options, then locate the visual sound effects and ensure that they are turned on. When you are flying above Wolverine, you will be able to see exactly where he is thanks to this feature. Additionally, Wolverine can spawn in a Slurpy Swamp or near Weeping Woods, as in this general direction, as an example. Therefore, we will begin our search once again over here, to the right of the marsh; but, I have not yet spotted him. If you then simply continue along that same line that is depicted on the map, you will come upon his footprints.

Eliminate Yourself

Now is your chance to get rid of him without having to worry about being in the same position yourself. You need only position the helicopter so that it is adjacent to him, and then run around the craft to get to the rear of it. This should most likely be successful! It’s possible that the fact that we’re on a hill will cause issues, so let’s shift things about a bit. You’ll be fine! After that, take a seat in the back near the tail, and after he has finished, invite him to come over. Let’s just start over, and as you can plainly see, he is unable to disembark from the chopper. Everything ought to be fine as long as he doesn’t move, at least! We simply have to keep firing at him, and before we know it, Wolverine will be completely destroyed, and we will have his claws. So, there you have it, guys: that is how to defeat Wolverine in a way that is quite simple.


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