Which bandit to help in Path of Exile?

by Dealon Brounx
Which bandit to help in Path of Exile

Which bandit to help in Path of Exile? It is time for some path of exile discussion. During progression through Act Two, you will be forced to make a choice that will impact your character in the long term.

On the other hand, you can sell Alira and join one of the bandits.

If you join Kraityn, you will gain attack speed, move speed, car speed, and the ability to avoid elemental ailments. I don’t recommend taking this except on main builds because you don’t get enough of these stats to justify skipping two passive points.Oak is the second choice that we can dismiss out of hand. Oak will grant you a small amount of life regen per second. Oak will also grant you physical damage reduction and will grant you some physical damage. However, Oak’s numbers are just far too low to ever consider where Kraityn might have some use in meme builds. Oak really has none at all.

I can never recommend helping Oak.

Where I think a lot of veteran players go wrong is that they look at their character and how it’s going to perform when they’re at level 95, 96, 97. At that point they decide, well, you need the two passive points, because that gives you more than an Alira does. You have to kill all three bandits and you have to do that from the start of the game. Even if you decide that at very very late game you want to help Alira. A: Helping an Alira will grant you five mana regen per second, which is a huge deal until you start getting access to some true endgame mana solutions.

Additionally, 20 global critical strike multiplier may not apply to your build, but to most builds it’s something and two critical strike builds are fantastic. You get 15 to all elemental resistances. You’ve got to get them somewhere. Any source of resistance is going to have an opportunity cost.

As a result, I recommend that you assist Alira during progression, and then simply respect your choice when you reach the endgame, though this comes at a cost of 20 regret orbs and an onyx amulet. You wish to change your bandit choice to Aramia, or instead a single stat amulet, you’d be vending a jade amulet. If you wanted to change to Kraityn, you would be vendoring an amber amulet if you wished to change to oak, and you’d be vendoring a lapis amulet if you wished to change to an Alira, so you’ve entered that in one transaction, the 20 regrets plus the amulet doesn’t matter about the stats on the amulet, and you’ll receive a book of remorse.

So in short, I recommend at least starting with Alira unless you have a very unusual build.

Then, when you get to endgame, seriously consider changing away from Alira and changing to Aramia because that tends to be the best choice, but you don’t really need to factor this in until you’re definitely at least level 90 and maybe 95. Until then, Allura is great because you’ll solve so many problems with mana that it’s worth their weight in gold. Even if Aramia is ultimately the best choice for your build, the extra character power that you’ll have through all of the acts and early and middle tier mapping by assisting an Alira will save you far more time than it will take you to farm up the requisite 20 regret orbs once you’re solidly at end game. So, I give you info about which bandit to help in Path of Exile.


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