Which Fortnite skins are in the shop today?

by Dealon Brounx
Fortnite skins are in the shop today

Which Fortnite skins are in the shop today? So those are pretty good predictions for today, at least, and keep in mind that all items are daily and are not guaranteed. future for Fortnite is insane. I believe we’re getting like a some sort of spider-man grappler type variant, but it’s just like a grappling claw back into the game.

What will you get in Fortnite shop?

We’re getting motorcycles into the game, which is awesome. I just can’t wait for all this fun stuff to come out and a possible black Adam skin collab with more DC skins. I thought we could be getting skins like Shazam Black Adam and other stuff like that. I’m hoping with those DC skins comes the Harley Quinn and all the old ones right now.

Epic really doesn’t do that, especially with their marvel skins. What they did in the past was release, Moon Knight and other new marvel skins, but then not release any of the old ones which they used to do. So, I’m really gon na hope that they go back to their old ways.

The best new skins in Fortnite shop

We’re crossing our fingers that we’ll get the Modena icon skin. It is the ferrari set that was shown precisely this time last year about this time. As of right now, we are almost exactly halfway through the month of June, and they still haven’t released the skins for this summer. It doesn’t make sense.

I guess we still have to wait for those. I’m really hoping for new clean summer skins. I mean, the ones from last year are nice, but it’d be awesome to have some new ones, especially with this new season being, like a whole vibin theme and all. Hopefully we get the green gaming legends skins with that as well.

So I’m really hoping that could come out, but with those, hopefully the release of Harley Quinn the Harley Hitter as well as Batman and Catwoman could come out as well, and with that, hopefully the marvel skins guys. I’m pretty surprised that they didn’t add the marvel skins back in the marvel season last season, but again, I’m really hoping for that, especially with the gaming legend shop. They haven’t done that in a long time and it seems like they’re releasing skins that haven’t been leased and released in a long time, like the dune skins. We got the demogorgon as well as possibly Chief Hopper, which could be coming out sometime around July 1st, which is the second volume of stranger things.


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