Who is Geno in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Geno in Fortnite

Who is Geno in Fortnite? I want to talk about it and compare it to some other ideas to see what the real story is with the whole Geno and the Sisters mystery. I know about theory, that the second sister is called the Order.” The Imagined and the Order are Geno’s daughters. So, they’re called the Sisters. You can find him by looking at the imagined orders logo. The imagined daughter’s logo is actually a compass. All of the symbols are coordinates that lead to where Jenna was hiding.

The sisters are called the Imagined and the Order.

I’ve already written down my ideas about this theory, so here are my ideas. First of all, I don’t think this theory is true. The Imagined’s name refers to her creativity and engineering skills. We can tell from her secret conversations with some people on the island. Also,from the descriptions and loading screens in her sets in the battle pass for this season. So, the first piece of evidence is when she talks to the metal team leader about reconfiguring her again, which means she’s dealt with mech before.

My theory is that the sisters are actually Paradigm’s daughters and that’s why they don’t want her to know about her past.

The two reasons for this are that the scientist likes the sister and the others don’t. We all know that the scientist has a thing for Paradigm. Building mechanisms and understanding how they work are also directly related to the Paradigm of singularity. It’s clear that the idea of having an engineer is related to how Singularity built the Mecca team leader robot.

I think this is a better explanation, to be honest.

I mean, why would the scientist help her imagine, if she was Geno’s daughter when no one else would? It seems more likely to be heading toward singularity and Paradigm shift. Geno in Fortnite is now hiding. The theory is right about this part. We know that the Seven have hated the IO for a long time, especially Sloan, but they also have a public enemy number one, which is Geno, which makes it hard for the Seven to get to him. Jones knows this because he says he can get to Geno. This proves: the Imagined Order knows its job.

What if the sisters’ parents are Paradigm and Geno? That would explain why the seven might not like Paradigm and why she worked for the order to protect the zero point. I mean, it makes sense that if Geno was in charge of the order, he would put Singularity in charge of protecting the zero point, since we saw that she was in the vault during the season 8 event.


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