Who is Null in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx

Who is Null in Minecraft

Who is Null in Minecraft? Maybe you know about this little herobrine rumor going around. I thought it was kind of funny. I must admit I was a little intrigued about this silly little ghost. You probably would be too if you thought some evil guy with no eyeballs was going around attacking people in such a colorful game in those days. I never recalled actually seeing Herobrine, but I saw someone who almost acted like him but looked way different. This player was all black. You couldn’t see any details at all. He was just pitch black. I never thought much of him because he never directly came up to me and he never acted hostile in a sense. He was kind of watching.

In Minecraft, there are creatures that are similar to Null.

He acts similarly to Herobrine, and what it means by that is that he watches issues from a distance and sometimes uses signs to lure you to him, and when you’re close to him, he’ll start corrupting and glitching your game, and if you get too close, you’ll eventually crash your game. The interesting thing about this is that this is similar to what herobrine tasks that only apply to a long cane. You see, the original cannon herobrine is actually a pretty harmless creature.

I mean, he would only hang around in your world creating random constructions such as sand pyramids in oceans and long-times to block white tunnels, and you would also cut up all the leaves from trees every now and then, and if you try to approach him, he’ll simply walk away. I mean, the bottom line is that the original cannon herobrine isn’t hostile at all.

Who is actually Null in Minecraft?

We’ve only seen Null watching from a distance and planting random signs in your world and crashing your game if you get too close. Well, there was that one time when I actually attacked by making the area around him disappear, destroying the portal, making them spawn in weird places, creating creepy landmarks and sending a small army of zombies at them. But it was just at one time, so even though null seems to be a crop entity and somewhat hostile

So, as an example, that story implies that null is a mysterious entity kind of like herobrine entirely black out of appearance, corrupt, somewhat hostile and quite a real site in Minecraft. He makes no sound at all, no footsteps, no sound when he breaks a block, and that’s about all he knows. Luckily, if you want more information about null, the internet is the endless source for that. Take the knowledge review, for example. That story implies that herobrine is not evil at all but a good guy.

According to the novel creepy-pasta, herobrine is actually trapped inside Minecraft because of now making null the evil monster of Minecraft, and if we don’t help your prime stop, then no one will take over my craft or something. I don’t want to go any deeper into the creepypasta. I’m sure you can find many different versions and adaptations of Null on the Internet as the character has become quite popular, but there’s no need to go further.


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