Why Fortnite not launching?

by Dealon Brounx
Why Fortnite not launching

Why Fortnite not launching? In this article, I’ll explain you this and also how to fix Fortnite when it won’t launch. Everything will be explained quickly and simply.

How can you fix Fortnite not launching?

1. Promlems with anti-cheat.

For a lot of people, they have to reinstall or repair the anti-cheat from Epic Games since this is the main issue that causes most people to be unable to launch the game. What you need to do is go to your hard drive where you’ve got Fortnite installed. For me, it’s c. Click on program files, then you see Epic Games and Fortnite game. Then you go on binaries and windows 64 and then you see already anti-cheat and if you click on it you can see there’s a little extra here easy anti-cheat setup, just click on it and press OK and then it should show up here on your screen and it says repair service. you can see, it’s finally repaired. Everything is again in place as it should be. Then just simply click on finish and your anti-cheat should be repaired.

For this next step, I want to reveal a fix as well for a really common issue that a lot of people don’t even know about. Just go again into your Fortnite folder, go into Binaries, Windows 64. But instead of going for the easy anti-cheat folder, just scroll all the way down until you see Fortnite icons. What you want to do is select every single one, right click on them, and then go into compatibility and put a check on run as an administrator. This concludes the second step; simply ensure that you have full access to Windows in order to run these programs.

2. Corrupted Windows files.

This next step is also super easy and efficient. Maybe you’ve got some corrupted windows 10 files which are just not allowing your game to get started, so what I want you to do in the first place is go to the search bar and type in cmd. You’re going to have a small black screen here and then it should turn up. This basically what this does is scan your windows for some corrupted or maybe missing files. You know, there might be some stuff with your firewall or some general Windows 10 files. It needed for your games to start and for them to probably connect with the anti-cheat and to the service

What can you also do when Fortnite is not launching? 

You have to focus on the Fortnite launcher itself. What I want you to do is right click on it and click on troubleshoot compatibility. Windows can try to put on some recommended settings you can use. You can try them out yourself. You can click here to test the program and what it will do. This is working for some people.


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