Why is my mic not working on Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
this is why my mic not working on Fortnite

Why is my mic not working on Fortnite? I want tell you how to fix to that problem. I actually figured out how to fix it, which is no audio, whatsoever in Fortnite. So, whether that be emotes or just voice chat. First off, while you have Fortnite open, make sure you come to settings and sound and then make sure you have your audio output device and all these set to what it should be at.

Then, if it is just your voice chat, just try turning voice chat off and then on and make sure all your sounds up. Just check over the basics, because some people don’t do that and then it ends up being something super simple. Then click on the little sound icon on your desktop and then go to sounds. So, if you’re using a headset, make sure you have everything else disabled. Make sure everything’s disabled, except the actual things, that you want and then, make sure you set as default device, for what your default device is. Then, even do the same thing in recording. So, once again, my HyperX is my main mic and then voicemeeter is connected to it. So, then i would just disable these, that might work for a lot of you, because even your headset might have gotten disabled, you might have to just enable it. If that does not work for you, make sure you try this. This should definitely fix it for.

Go properties, make sure, that levels is up to 100 and that this isn’t muted. Then you’re going to come over to spatial sound and then you’re going to just turn that to windows sonic for headphones. You can turn it off afterwards. That’s what i did, this is what fixed it for me. I just did this and it simply fixed it. My last tip: I would recommend to come to the Epic Games launcher, go to library and then hit three little dots and press verify. It’s because, it is possible something got messed up through that way. Your mic not working on Fortnite? One of those methods should definitely help you out, if you still have some issues let me know down in the comment section.


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