Yorn’s Cradle – Lost Ark Guide

by Dealon Brounx

I’ll explain where to look for each Mokoko Seed in the location named Yorn’s Cradle in The Lost Ark. On the continent of the Yorn, there are nine mokoko seeds in Yorn’s Cradle.

Lost Ark – Yorn’s Cradle Mokoko Seeds Locations

Yorn’s Cradle Mokoko Seeds locations

Start from the bottom right side of the first time, close to the Radiant Golden Port. Then look for an NPC by the name of Supervisor Banar in the central, bottom-right dead end. You will see several enormous barrels behind him. You must use the Romantic Weapon in front of those barrels to remove the bottom barrel and reveal the first mococo seed.

By moving slightly to the left of the Organized Loading Point in the top right corner of the map, you can find the second mokoko seed. There is a secret passageway’s entrance inside the tiny hole. The second mokoko seed can be found behind a large column if you keep going and turn to the left.

Continue investigating the Organized Loading Point in the top right corner of the map, but before you enter, look in the cavity on the right. There is a pot of magic there, exactly below it, in front of the barrels, where you can find the mokoko seed.

Go to the bottom central area known as Maru Island and look for the dead end. There is a dark boulder in front of it where you can find four seeds. This structure will vanish and the fourth mokoko seed will be visible if you play the Romantic Weapon song.

Continue your exploration of the Faded Quarry region on the left side of the map to find the fifth. This time, the bottom left passage’s central area needs to be checked because there are enemies nearby a torch and some cart rails that extend beyond the map’s borders there. Once you’ve defeated them, you should proceed to the narrow passageway hidden behind the boulders and descend to find the entrance to a mine.

Yorn’s cradle Mokokos in the Damp Mine

To find the next mokoko seed, navigate to the Damp Mine report in the middle of the map. From there, turn left and check the top right passage’s center section. Another mine is located here. The six mokoko seed can be found inside, but you can’t find it until you reach the Wisdom level of 300. Once inside, keep going until you find a tron lying on top of it.

You must visit the Damp Mine once more to obtain the seventh seed. Then, you must inspect the top left passage between the damaged and enormous barrels’ central margins. You can select Q by clicking. By doing this, you’ll be able to obtain the seventh Mokoko seed. The next mokoko seed is still in the top left corner of the map, near the Damp Mine area, but you now need to look in the top right passage’s left dead end. When you arrive, you will see a sizable barrel with a number of supplies in front of it. It’s necessary to perform the Romantic Weapon song. This will get rid of it, letting you see and get the mokoko seed.

The Damp Mine is also home to the ninth and final one. This time, you need to examine the top right passage’s right dead end. The cave entrance can be found on the left side of the crystals. That is how to find all of the mokoko seeds in Yorn’s Cradle in The Lost Ark.


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